About us

    African Stream is a pan-African digital media organisation based exclusively on social-media platforms, focused on giving a voice to all Africans both at home and abroad through cutting-edge, African-centred content.

    What we cover

    We cover high-impact African history, culture, politics, sports, music, entertainment, innovation, technology and infrastructure, with the explicit aim of being a one-stop shop for all things African. A place where people from all over the world can visit and find information, news and interesting stories related to Africa, what is happening in the continent and how it affects Africans worldwide.

    We stand up for Africa

    When it comes to internal African politics, we don’t take sides. We aim to expose multinational corporations and external powers that seek to extract our resources and exploit our labour, and if they have local partners on the ground, then we will expose them too. We aim to place a spotlight on all things illegally taken from Africa, whether it be a song stolen from an African artist or an African treasure residing in a European museum.

    Putting African voices first

    We work with Africans on the ground in every African country to co-create the stories that they want us to tell and from their perspective. Often the mainstream narrative about Africa has been depicted from a European or North American perspective. We say enough is enough! It is time for African voices to narrate our stories. Africa is rising and it is time for our voices to rise too!